Russell Wilson Tweets “God Is Good” After Ciara Gets Into Car Accident


Ciara, who is in her third trimester was in a car accident on yesterday afternoon in L.A., but no worries, husband Russell Wilson tweeted that his wife and the baby were doing great, and God is good!

CiaraHere is what’s been reported:

The mommy to be for the 2nd time was driving her white Mercedes SUV and was making a left turn when a grey Volvo SUV slammed into the front passenger side of her vehicle.

“Ciara and the baby are doing well,” her rep said. “The driver was illegally in the bus lane and hit the right side of her car.”

According to an eyewitness, the singer appeared “calm” while the other driver seemed way more stunned. “They shook hands and were nice to each other it looked like, no drama,” E News reported. “Ciara wasn’t crying or panicked or anything.”

Afterwards, husband Russell Wilson tweeted,“Momma Wilson & Baby Wilson are feeling great! God is good!”



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