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Saints Movie


From A Seed Of Faith Grows Hope…

All Saints MovieThe All Saints movie is inspired by  the  true story of  a Tennessee pastor (Michael Spurlock) and his All Saints Episcopal church, who in 2008 was on the verge of closing.

One Sunday  a community of refugees arrived at their church service, and needed help with food, clothing, transportation, medical care, and employment.

 The congregation struggled to figure out how to minister to the group’s physical and spiritual needs as well as pay church bills.

One day God spoke to Pastor Spurlock (played by John Corbett), and told him to start a farm on the property which gave the refugees employment, and activated miracle after miracle.

Being obedient to the voice of God, Pastor Spurlock was able to bring a community together that would save the church, and this community of refugees.

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All Saints is in theaters August 25th.



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