Sarah Jakes Roberts Honors Her Husband After Successful Book Release

Sarah Jakes

Author, speaker, and wife Sarah Jakes Roberts released her latest book “Don’t Settle For Safe” on yesterday, and it is already a NYT Best Seller.  Sarah, who is an inspiration to many women in the Kingdom of God,  took to social media to honor her husband and pastor Toure’ RobertsRoberts, who put together a successful launch event at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in L.A.

Sarah JakesWhen I moved to LA @toureroberts promised he would cover me. I left everything I knew and embraced the uncomfortable. He didn’t just cover me, his love and guidance helped me to discover me. He put together an incredible launch event for me last night that overwhelmed me to tears. I couldn’t help but be grateful for how my life continues to change. 

Sarah JakesSarah continued,

Last night I was asked, “What is the one thing the young, insecure girl you once were is most proud to see in the woman you are now?”….that question sucked the air out of the room. The answer came so easily for me. That girl is most proud to be a woman who really knows the Lord. I know His voice. I feel His love. I’ve followed His lead and He’s connected me to people and opportunities that I could not have even fathomed. If you’re reading this you’re one of those gifts. Whether you’ve stumbled across my page or seen my entire glow up, the support you’ve shown my journey and #dontsettleforsafe is deeply engrained in my heart. Thank you for an incredible launch day!

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