Sarah Jakes Roberts On Finding Her Identity Outside Of Her Husband & Father

Sarah Jakes

Sarah Jakes Roberts, who  is the daughter of Mega Church Pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and  the wife of Mega Church Pastor, Toure’ Roberts recently revealed that it use to be challenging finding her identity outside of the two powerful men of God.  

sarah jakes“It used to be challenging because I would feel like I want to have my own lane. I wanted to do it my way,” she told CP. “I didn’t want the pressure that comes with it.”

“I learned to stop seeing it as some kind of thing that kept me from being who I am and instead see it as something that helped me to perfect who I am. I can learn and glean from their wisdom,” she said.

Sarah continued,

“I’ve realized that organically people see me for who I am and not necessarily who I am connected to. But I honor who I’m connected to because it has empowered me to really recognize the grace and the legacy that is not in my life for me to feel isolated, but In my life as a reflection of what’s on the inside of me.”



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