“The Newt Testament” Meet The Friends Of Bobby Newt: Tank & Shawn Stockman [VIDEO]


Bobby Newt the star of the upcoming reality series “The Newt Testament” on The Impact Television Network is introducing us to his friends.  R&B singer Tank, and Boyz To Men member, Shawn Stockman.

In a new video clip released by the network, Bobby, Tank, and Shawn are hanging out together at Bobby’s house.  We even get to see R&B singer Tank vocals on display, as he “jokingly” makes up a song.

Bobby shares in the video that he and his wife are good friends with Shawn Stockman and his wife, and even attend their events.  Maybe we’ll get to see the couples get dressed up and attend some black tie events during the series.

About “The Newt Testament”

The Newt Testament

Robert “Bobby” Newt has performed on Soul Train, was a member of a boy band called The Newtrons and signed to MCA Records; he’s even stayed at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and he didn’t stop there.  As a songwriter, he’s written Grammy nominated songs for TGT and Pleasure P,  but now he has a different testimony. He’s turned his heart and musical talents toward God. This year, after his best friend R&B singer Tank posted Bobbys video on his Facebook Page, and after getting over 250,000 views, Bobby is now, more motivated than ever.  Not all of his family subscribe to his formula for happiness, but he remains steadfast in his Holy pursuit. In his new chapters Bobby’s determined  to rewrite history, evolve from his old thinking and change his family’s life for the better.

Check out the video above.

We haven’t received a release date for the show, but we will let you know when we find out.

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