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Solange Knowles Pens Beautiful Message To Her Teenage Self

Solange Knowles, Cranes In The Sky

Solange Knowles penned a beautiful message to her teenage self in the latest issue of Teen Vogue.  Inside the issue, the Cranes In The Sky singer said, “the long way will become a theme in your life, but a journey you learn to love.”

Learning to love herself and how to “empathize with and forgive those who may have taken a bit of that pure love away” is something Solange said she learned through motherhood.

It’s also something she no doubt learned from watching her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson.Solange Knowles

“She is a wonder,”Solange wrote — of Tina — who owned a salon while Solange was growing up. “You realize watching a woman balance being a supportive mother, building a successful business from the ground up that was started in her garage, and giving back to the community will make you feel invincible and like the word ‘no’ is just an echo in the universe that you’ll never know.”

Solange added: “You often take her for granted, but you know with every joint in your bones that she is a phenomenon and you strive to make her proud. you should thank her out loud more, too; tell her you value her. roll your eyes and your neck less. it’s not as cute as you think. tell her you appreciate all that she does, for she makes the impossible look effortless. she surrounds you with other black women who do the same. you study them, and will constantly think of all their stories, their beauty, their strife and their stride. they break down all of the archetypes and stereotypes that you see of black women on tv and in magazines, so you don’t trust those anymore. you thank them for re-writing the script before it was ever etched in your memory.”





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