Steve Harvey: His Decision To Leave Stand Up Comedy

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey recently talked about his  decision to leave stand up comedy.  The talk show host said he, ‘cried so hard’ after his very last performance.

‘It was crazy to walk away from something that meant so much to me,’ Harvey said. 

‘Nothing can ever come close to what it feels like when you’re on stage and it’s 12,000 people and it’s you and a spotlight, a bar stool, a glass of water and a microphone. There’s nothing like that.’

The comedian also revealed that since his Miss America snafu, he’s had to hire two armed guards for his home because of death threats.
Steve Harvey

‘I live on a dead-end street — and it got real when things started coming over the gate. Empty boxes with bows and pictures of bombs. And these with death threats on social media that would pop up from fake IP addresses,’ Harvey  explained.

‘I wound up with 24-hour armed security at my house. I have two armed guards there full-time to this day,’ the TV personality revealed.



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