Check Out Steve Harvey’s ‘Fresh Start Week’ with NFL Superstar Ray Lewis and Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas


Talk show host, Steve Harvey is kicking off the New Year with what he’s calling “Fresh Start Week” and NFL superstar, Ray Lewis and motivational speaker Eric Thomas stops by.

samuel_5685349207fdf_RAWLEWIS7-810x410Now that the partying and festivities are behind us, it’s time to concentrate on the year ahead of us! On the Steve Harvey Show, it’s “Fresh Start Week,”  and one of my favorites, motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, author of “Average Skill, Phenomenal Will,” joined Steve to tell everyone about his own personal road to success and help members of the studio audience find ways to stay motivated to reach their goals.

Continuing with “Fresh Start Week,” Steve welcomed his good friend Ray Lewis, a football superstar who, since retiring from the Baltimore Ravens, has become a TV analyst and author. In Ray’s new book, “I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game and Glory,” he tells his story of being raised by a single mom, growing up without a father and how his life experiences, including a highly publicized incident in Atlanta, helped to make him the man and father he is today.

WATCH:  Steve Harvey’s got Just One More Thing — a motivational minute straight from Steve’s book, “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success.”


And check out Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas talk his road to success:

Ray Lewis says you need three type of people in your life:

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