SWV’s CoKo & Husband, Big Mike Celebrate 15th Wedding Anniversary

SWV’s Coko and husband gospel music producer/and drummer Mike “Big Mike” Clemons are celebrating 15 years of marriage today.

Coko and Big Mike, (who use to play drums for Israel and New Breed), got married 15 years ago today, and the singer is kicking things off with a loving message on Instgram to her husband.

When we got married after dating for only 6 months, many said “I give them 15 mins! They are not going to last!” Well, it’s 15 years laterwe got the last laugh!! It hasn’t always been easy but our love is strong!!💕 I have your back & you have mine too. Forget Bonnie & Clyde, it’s all about COKO & MIKE!!!

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