Loni Love Stepping In To Help Tamera Mowry & Husband Adam Housley

Adam Housley Thankful For Wife Tamera Mowry Friend and The Real Co-Host Loni Love Stepping In To Help Out While He's Been Gone On Assignment

Tamera Mowry
#ThatsWhatFriendsAreFor Tamera Mowry husband, Adam Housley shared on Instagram how blessed he is, and thankful that Tamera’s The Real co-host, Loni Love has “been there” for his family while he’s been gone on assignment.

Adam Housley is a Fox News correspondent, who has been extremely busy lately.  Housley first was covering the Florida hurricanes, then the Las Vegas shooting, and now the California fires.  Adam said he has never been away from home so long, and is thankful for Loni Love stepping in to help out.

Adam and Tamera have two small children, Aden and Ariah. It’s a blessing when a friend can step in and help out!

Huge kudos to these two. The last few weeks have been rough. I’ve never been apart from my family for so long and yet I am so blessed to come home to my family and my home. Covering the hurricane, Las Vegas and now fires has shown me two things….one…I am so lucky. Two…our country is filled with damn good people who, whether in Florida, Vegas, or wine country…step up when the going gets rough and it has been rough. We have seen so much recently. To the families who have lost the last 2 months…we are with you. We will not forget you. To my wife @tameramowrytwo you are a rock. To @comiclonilove you are a sister I never had…my kids adore you and thank you for being there while I am covering such heartbreak. #americastrong #lasvegasstrong #floridakeysstrong #winecountrystrong

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  1. I really like this show. The fact that the ladies are diverse in race and culture, and have individual ideas, can agree or disagree with one another, and still support each others opinion without critical judgement. This show sets an important mature standard for all of us, especially the young audience as I’ve seen most adults do on Twitter and face book.

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