Taraji P. Henson Words Of Wisdom: You Have To See Yourself Inside The Dream

Taraji P. Henson

 Taraji P. Henson covers W Magazine for their “Salute To 5 Powerful Women”  edition, inside the mag the Hidden Figures actress who grew  up in the Hood in Washington D.C. (that’s how she describes it)  reveals that this is the life she’s always dreamed for herself…. major movie roles, hanging at the Four Seasons, winning awards, and being one of the “big dogs”

Taraji P. Henson“This is the life I always saw for myself,” she said. “You have to see yourself inside the dream, you know? Why you gonna do something to fail? No, baby, that ain’t me! I always wanted to be one of the big dogs.”

On Hollywood’s gender bias, Henson said she doesn’t know if it’s getting better, but it’s been great for her.

“Is it getting better for women, black women? I don’t know. It’s been great for me! I own six properties, I’m out of the hood, and my son don’t know the hood.”

She continued,

“Now, have they put all the zeroes on my check that I deserve?”

“That’s the question, but not even for me because I don’t write the checks. I just keep working hard, knowing it will come.”


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