Tasha Cobbs Leonard ‘Women Of Gospel’ Event Controversy

Tasha Cobbs Leonard
Tasha Cobbs Leonard was scheduled to perform in Toronto on Saturday at a ‘Women of Gospel’ event, but after some issues with the promoter, Gospel Connection Canada, Cobbs-Leonard decided not to take the stage, leaving concert attendees upset and some demanding refunds for their tickets.

The promoters booked Tasha for two events, one on Friday night in Montreal and the other in Toronto on Saturday.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Based off the statement released from Tasha Cobbs Ministries, the issues with the promoter started on Friday in Montreal, in spite of those “issues” Tasha continued with that show.  On Saturday, Tasha and her team arrived in Toronto for the 2nd event, and the issues with the promoters continued, so Tasha and her team decided not to take the stage.

Tasha Cobbs Ministries Statement:


First let me say that I Love You and I was sooooo looking forward to worshipping with you tonight. In spite of the promoter’s failure to operate in integrity last night we moved forward with an Amazing experience in Montreal. We drove into Toronto today looking forward to having an amazing experience with you tonight as well! However, Team TCM and I are so saddened that because of the promoter’s failure to cover us as promised, we aren’t able to move forward with tonight’s show.

I look forward to coming back VERY SOON under more trustworthy, accountable and secure conditions.

Please direct all of your concerns to the promoters: Gospel Connection Canada.

Gospel Connection Canada Statement:

Toronto, we at Gospel Connection Canada (GCC) thank you for your turn out last night at the WOMEN OF GOSPEL event at the Church on the Queensway. We had a great night of praise and worship with Marvia Providence, Londa Larmond, Sharon Riley, Kay Morris and other spectacular women of God, and appreciate your continued support.

In spite of the show being marred by Tasha Cobbs non-appearance and the subsequent patent misrepresentation that has taken place (on the part of TCM) after-the-fact, clearly in an effort to maligned the good reputation we have earned with you whilst covering the persons. We know in our hearts that you will not succumb to the FAKE NEWS being disseminated. We have chosen to take the Christian road and will not involve ourselves in a tit-for-tat with TCM who purports to be Christian.

The fact is GCC honoured the contract with TCM above and beyond our obligations and in spite of the behaviour by TCM we have chosen not to seek any legal remedy to retrieve our funds from TCM. We can however say that TCM will not be invited back to Canada under any circumstance. by GCC as their appalling behaviour is [un]Christian and bad business.

We appreciate the fact that very little attendee last night has demanded a refund to date and has allowed us to lessen our financial loss. We will however be making a special announce for those who purchased tickets for the Women of Gospel event. Please hold on to those tickets as we will have a special offer to you soon. STAY TUNED! (A live video message follows)

God Bless
Gospel Connection Canada

What I know for sure is Tasha Cobbs Leonard is a woman of integrity.  If she traveled to Canada after leaving Nashville fulfilling her hosting duties at the Dove Awards to perform at an event, if everything was in order, she would’ve performed.



  1. Maybe you should reach out and actually speak to both parties. You’d be enlightened (and surprised) to find out what really went down.

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