Tika Sumpter Inspires: Advice To New Mom’s On Losing Baby Weight

Tika Sumpter

New mom, Tika Sumpter has some healthy, and realistic advice for new moms regarding this whole “snap back” deal after having a baby.  The mom to 4 month old Ella, calls the one month snap back unrealistic, and reminds us all that it takes about a year for our bodies to heal after giving birth. 

Tika Sumpter“There’s a lot of pressure to do that, but I think, one, it’s unrealistic. Two, it takes almost a year for your body to heal. Everyday people who have jobs and more than one kid, they’re looking to us to inspire. I think sometimes we push false claims about snapping back, when really, we have people helping us, whether it’s trainers or people come to our houses. So I try to tell women, don’t feel the pressure of feeling that way. The pounds will come off, it just takes time, and you do what you can. You walk around your neighborhood, you try to eat better and make better choices, but it’s not realistic to ‘snap back’ a month later. You just pushed a whole human being out of your body, and had one sitting in there for almost nine months,” the Have and The Have Nots actress told Coveteur.


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