Tina Campbell Shares Video of Husband Teddy Campbell Sharing His Testimony + Calls Their Marriage a Miracle


Teddy and Tina Campbell who  have survived infidelity in their marriage have been on a mission to help other married couples, since God has worked a miracle in their lives.  Teddy Campbell shared his testimony at an Atlanta church, and wife Tina Campbell couldn’t have been more proud, she posted videos from Teddy speaking online and talked about how he, her and their marriage is a miracle.

12357522_740736919361107_1967190762_nThe gospel singer, and one half of Mary Mary posted on Instagram:

I love how God uses my husband’s testimony to bless men who want to be better men. See, almost 3yrs ago all i saw was a dark depressing pit that i landed in, but now i see a miracle man, a miracle woman, and a miracle #marriage. God is awesome and His Word transforms lives. #thebible#truth #preach #teach #testimony #men#teddycampbell #husbandandwife#tinacampbell #jesus #wonthedoit FULL VIDEO on IAmTinaCampbell YOUTUBE channel

Teddy testified about how he thought he was going to lose everything, and how he decided to try God for real to save his marriage:

“I thought I was gonna lose everything—you know my wife, my kids and just everything,” her 40-year-old drummer husband, whose multiple affairs became public in 2013, told congregants at Tabernacle of Praise, shepherded by his friend T.J. McBride.

“So I felt like, well, I tried it my way and I didn’t do that right. So let me actually really try God this time,” continued Teddy in the video.

My favorite line is when Teddy says he told Tina,“I’m sorry I was irresponsible with my thoughts.”

Check out the video below of Teddy’s testimony:

I love the transparency of Teddy and Tina… No marriage is easy, and all of our marriages go through things.  I thank God for giving them the strength to share.



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