‘Transformers’ Actor Remi Adeleke How God #Transformed His Life

Remi Adeleke

‘Transformers’ actor Remi Adeleke shares his story of how God transformed his life and how stepping out on faith changed his life.

In his I AM SECOND debut where he speaks about selling drugs as a kid in the Bronx, having suicidal thoughts, and  becoming a Navy Seal, the Christian actor reflects on the moment he found Jesus.

“I started having suicidal thoughts. I was at the lowest point of my life,” he recalled. “I didn’t know anything about the Bible, but I just literally began to cry out to Jesus.”

After spending 13 years in the military, Adeleke said God told him, “it’s time for you to move on.”

The actor followed God’s instructions, and moved on, but soon found himself angry with God when things weren’t happening for him after retirement.Remi Adeleke

With a marriage that wasn’t doing well, and a baby on the way, Adeleke found himself wondering how he would take care of his family.

“We contemplated getting a divorce,” Adeleke admitted. “I got so frustrated. I got mad at God. “

But with one move from God things turned around.

Check out Adeleke’s story:



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