Actress Trinitee Stokes Wants To Bring Hope & Inspiration To The World

Trinitee Stokes

KC Undercover actress,  Trinitee Stokes, whose name has  spiritual meaning recently revealed that she wants to bring hope and inspiration to the world.

trinitee stokes

“I want to be a legend and known for my craft,” The KC Undercover actress said. “I want to bring hope and inspiration to the world, allowing people to be true to themselves.”

The actress parents (Ron and Kia Stokes)  who are Christian’s recently shared the story behind naming their gifted daughter.

Doctors rushed Kia into an emergency c-section after finding out the umbilical cord was wrapped around their baby’s neck 3 times.  Already playing around with the idea of naming her Trinitee, the couple solidified that decision when they found out how many times the chord went around her neck.

“Because we believe in God, whenever anyone called on her, they’d also be calling on the father, the son and the Holy Spirit,” Ron Stokes said. “We want to remind her whose image she is created into and that she doesn’t forget her biblical principles.”

“I do believe God had his hand on me, on my life, to keep me from dyinghe is always present in my life and he’s has done everything for me,” the actress/singer said.


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