LISTEN: Trip Lee Releases “I Can Wait”

Trip Lee

Christian rapper, Trip Lee released a new single, I Can Wait just in time for Valentine’s Day, which take listeners on his journey of fighting for purity while dating his wife-to-be.

trip leeLee says the song is a Valentine’s Day song about his inner thoughts & wrestles when he first met & started pursuing his wife-to-be.

“It’s a love song. And it’s a song about fighting to honor God when you feel drawn to someone. Fighting for purity,” Lee tweeted.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Hold up where we going now? I ain’t even really tryna take it there The city is closing down And I know you ain’t really tryna take it there.

Without even knowing how My fire inside wanna take it there But we gotta slow it down We ain’t even really tryna take it there.

Check out “I Can Wait”


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