Tyler Perry Says He Likes To Have a More Intimate Fight When It Comes to Civil Rights and Things like #BlackLivesMatter


The Haves and The Have Nots creator, Tyler Perry recently talked with Ebony about the new season of his hit TV shows on the OWN network, while talking about his shows Mr. Perry was asked about why he doesn’t discuss issues like #BlackLivesMatter.

Tyler-Perry (1)From Ebony:

How do you respond to those who say you don’t discuss issues like #BlackLivesMatter? And will we see issues like #BlackLivesMatter on upcoming shows?

TP: For me, I love to have a more intimate fight when it comes to civil rights and things like #BlackLivesMatter.

There is a man named Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos, who I’ve been fighting for, for years. They put them into the back of a police squad car—the officer’s name is Steve Calkins—and both of them disappeared. One was a Mexican immigrant and the other was a Black man with a history of being in jail. And no one would ever give their mothers any press when they would try to find out what happened to them.

So I prefer to be on the front line in that way on issues that move me. I think it’s just as powerful as being part of something like the #BlackLivesMatter. But what’s important to me is somebody like that has a voice, someone like me who can speak up. When I called press, they’d say, “Hey, your victims aren’t sympathetic. One has a history of going to jail and the other is here illegally.”

Now, as far as will things like that be on the show? I shoot too fast. My shows right now, we’re working on 2017 now. Yes, we’re that far ahead in how we shoot. It’s very difficult for me to be timeless in my messages unless it’s some prophetic thing that happens. And I’m not a social media person. And I work so much that people have to stop and ask me, “Hey, did you know that this happened?” And that’s how I like it. I’d rather focus on the good that I’m trying to put out rather than focus on everyone else’s problems and hardships.



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