Tyrese Supported In Court This Week By His Wife Samantha Lee

Tyrese was supported in court this week by his wife Samantha Lee Gibson.

The singer/actor and his wife Samantha Lee, who attends Creflo Dollar’s ‘World Changers International’ Church took a moment to pray before entering the courtroom in the actor’s child abuse case.
The singer/actor is accused by his ex wife Norma Gibson of abusing their 10 year old daughter Shayla Gibson.   In court on Tuesday, Shayla was scheduled to testify in the child abuse case against her father.

Norma claimed that her ex-husband “beat” Shayla between 12 and 16 times.  She is looking to obtain a permanent restraining order against him and is seeking full physical and legal custody, fearing Tyrese could take their child overseas to Dubai, where he has professional ties.


No word yet on how or if the judge has ruled in the case.


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