Quick Quotes: Viola Davis Is Blessed To See Her 52nd Birthday

Viola Davis

Actress Viola Davis celebrated her 52nd birthday on Friday, and the actress says she feels BLESSED!, “Blessed by my Father to see 52 years of life.”

Blessed. That’s how I feel. Blessed by my Father to see 52 years of lifeto experience wisdom, experience joy, be comfortable being me. I feel ALIVE. Thank you for the birthday wishes!!, the actress wrote on Instagram after spending her birthday with husband Julius Tennon and daughter Genesis.

Davis, who makes it her business to acknowledge God for her blessings, said during her Hollywood Walk of Fame honors that God has blessed her life in abundance.

“It’s like my life flashing before my eyes and all I can say is God has blessed my life in abundance,”the actress said.


Yes, He has Viola Davis!

Happy Blessed Birthday!!!


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