WATCH: Teaser Trailer For Nicki Minaj & Jesse Williams H&M Holiday Campaign

Nicki Minaj
Last week Nicki Minaj posted a teaser photo from her upcoming H&M holiday campaign, well now the fashion retailer has released a teaser video for the campaign starring Minaj and Grey’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams.

The holiday film focuses on a little girl tracking down the evil brother of Santa Claus in order to save the holidays, according to H&M. Minaj, doubles as both the mom of the girl and a fairy named Wisest Thingy.Nicki Minaj

Jesse Williams stars as the father and the supernatural Fastest Fairy;¬†The Big Lebowski‘s John Turturro¬†stars as both Santa Claus and his evil brother.

“I love the film’s over all empowering message. I love seeing this young girl become the champion that lives in all of us,” said Minaj. “There’s always magic in the air during the holidays.”


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