When Your Teacher Is Dope You Get Customized Handshakes To Start Class


This 5th grade teacher has a handshake routine for each of his students.  The special routine of high-energy fifth grade teacher Barry White, Jr. at Ashley Park PreK-8 School in Charlotte, North Carolina, went viral this week, as social media has picked up on the video of him greeting his students energized at the start of the day.  

Whether it’s fist bumps, shimmies, spins, dabs, or a combination of all the above, every shake has its own style—and the kids clearly love it. He also runs the school’s step team and coaches boys’ basketball.

“It’s muscle memory at this point,” he told ABC News. “I do it so much with them.” It started with just a few students, he said, but then he “saw how much it meant to them.”

Check it out:

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