Yvette Nicole Brown Talks New ABC Comedy ‘The Mayor’

Yvette Nicole Brown Shares What She Want Viewers Of The Mayor To Take Away From The Series

Yvette Nicole Brown
Yvette Nicole Brown shared with Ebony magazine that she wants her new ABC comedy ‘The Mayor’ to show viewers that we all can do something to effect change right where we are.

Yvette Nicole BrownEBONY.com: What do you want people to take away from the series?

YNB: I would love for them to walk away with the idea that we all can do something right where we are. I think a lot of times people feel like it has to be a big splash. You could throw a tiny little pebble into water and have a ripple that extends for miles if you throw it right, so I just hope that the show makes kids, young people, start to think, ‘Well, what could I do in my school, or on my block or at my church to effect some change for everyone?’ I think sometimes we get into this mindset of, “I’ve got mine, good luck getting yours”; really, “I am my brother’s keeper,” is the way we really should be doing life. If we want to do life right, it shouldn’t be OK just for you to be OK. Everybody needs to be OK, so if you have something that is within your wheelhouse that can bless someone else or bless your community, roll your sleeves up and do it.



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