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The 3rd Season Of Virgin River Premiering July 9th On Netflix

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We don’t have to wait much longer to watch the 3rd season of Virgin River on Netflix.

3rd season of Virgin River

Over the Memorial Day weekend the cast announced on Instagram that the hit drama will return on July 9th.

I became addicted to this show during the pandemic. Like most people who watch the show, I am praying that Jack and Melinda end up together.

The series is centered around Melinda, a nurse practitioner who relocates from LA to the small town after the death of her husband.

Not only does Melinda fall in love with the town, but she falls for Jack too. The problem is she’s scared to love again and he has a baby on the way by another woman.

According to reports, the upcoming season storyline includes a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane, and a new romance.

I’ll be tuned in…

3rd season of Virgin River

Jamie Foxx Daughter Corinne Shares Battle With Anxiety Disorder

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It’s already hard to live up to the hype of being the child of a celebrity, then add an anxiety disorder to that……life could become a little stressful.

jamie foxx daughter

Jamie Foxx daughter Corinne has had to live through that and is using Mental Health Awareness month to share her story.

“I felt like people were always looking at me, were always expecting me to turn out a certain way. Because of that, I went the opposite realm,” Corinne shared with ET. “I became very focused on perfection and always being in this very cookie cutter type of way, and that put a lot of pressure and anxiety on me to uphold this standard of never messing up. That definitely affected my mental health, and I’m still working through to unlearn those behaviors and those patterns and giving myself the grace to just be a human.”

Corinne went on to share that she’s no longer focused on “perfection,” realizing that she is loved and valued just the way she is…flaws and all.

“My confidence used to come from being perfect and always put together and then [I realized], wait, I am loved and I am valued even if I’m not all put together, even with the messiness of life,” she says. “I think that gave me a lot of confidence because now I believe in myself in all realms, even on the days that I’m having good days and even on the days I’m having bad days. So, I think talking about your mental health is not a weakness. It’s a sign of strength because so many people are afraid to do it… that shows that you’re emotionally aware enough to ask for that help.”

The model/actress and producer is also an ambassador for the National Alliance of Mental Illness. You can learn more about them and the resources they have to offer by clicking HERE.

Mary J. Blige Apollo Walk of Fame Induction

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None of this is possible without the fans, so thank you to all the fans.

Mary J. Blige Apollo walk of fame induction gave us a glowing, healed and restored Mary and I was so here for it!

Mary J. Blige apollo walk of fame

The Queen of Hip- Hop soul celebrated her induction into the historic theater’s Walk of Fame on Friday in New York City.

“My very first time performing here at the Apollo, I was not onstage as myself. I was onstage singing background for Jeff Redd,” she shared.

For the momentous occasion, Mary J. Blige wore a green and black sequined jumpsuit from London based designer Ashish Gupta. Sis was glowing, shoot she been glowing for a minute!

To finish her look, Tym Wallace styled her long blonde tresses and Porsche Cooper was on the paint. Her glow?.. All God!

During her acceptance speech, Mary announced to her fans that she’s dropping a “My Life” documentary on June 25th.

Mary J. Blige apollo walk of fame

The Walk of Fame is located on the sidewalk in front of the theater on 125th Street, which is a popular destination in the neighborhood.

All About My Daughter’s Graduation Party

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My daughter’s graduation party was truly a celebration of faith, family and friends.

Now let me rewind for a moment. She actually completed her PhD program in May 2020. But, since we were in the middle of a pandemic Jackson State cancelled graduation. She was hurt! All her hard work wouldn’t be celebrated and she wouldn’t get hooded. I felt her pain and in true mommy fashion tried to figure out a way to lift her spirits… Vacation, new bag, money…nothing worked! She felt cheated and there was nothing I could do about it.

daughter's graduation party

Delayed not Denied

I lost my husband to COVID-19 on January 23rd and to help with the feeling of loneliness, I would stay at my daughter’s house on the weekend. This one particular weekend she received an email from Jackson State. The email stated that anyone from 2020 who wanted to participate in the 2021 commencement exercises could. She read the email to me and I immediately yelled,” Do Over!” You see not only would this give her, her moment, it would give me something to take my mind off the fact that my husband was gone.

The Celebration

I called my mother and told her it was time to plan a party! Ari chose an elegant/rustic theme with greens, golds and white for her party. (Babaloonz did an amazing job!) She invited 70 of her closest family and friends and asked everyone to wear white. The backyard party included a DJ, Torcedor (cigar roller), open bar, and servers. Guest were treated to Chicago’s famous Garrett’s popcorn as a way to pay homage to our hometown. Guest danced the night away to Chicago House Music, Old School RnB, and rap music.

Her dad and his family came down from Chicago and her line sisters came from all over to help us celebrate our PhD.

We gifted Ari with a Louis Vuitton Damier Azur NeverFull GM tote and wristlet. Every girl deserves a nice bag!

Ari’s look: Burberry pants, white tank top from Pretty Little Things and white Steve Madden open toe heels.

My look: Tory Burch track pants and sleeveless polo shirt with Steve Madden multi color heels.

Judge Faith Jenkins: New Book & New Crime Series Coming To Oxygen

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Let me start by saying that I stan Judge Faith Jenkins! Not only does she have a bomb TV show and married to Kenny Lattimore, she is a woman of FAITH!

Judge Faith Jenkins

She recently revealed how she was offered a job at the beginning of the pandemic that she turned down because she knew that wasn’t the dream God had for her. She went 4 months without employment and then she got the call for Divorce Court!

And now the former NYC litigator is prepping to release a book and crime series on the Oxygen network.

Oxygen announced that she will be hosting and executive producing the crime series, “Relationship Killer with Faith Jenkins.”

This true crime series delves into jaw-droppingly evil stories of love that sours, and break-ups that turn downright murderous. Premiering early next year, these twisted tales of relationships gone bad show what happens when breaking up means only one thing: someone has to die. 

Then there is her book,”Sis, Don’t Settle,” which is available for pre-order now. Available November 2, 2021.

Judge Faith Jenkins

Modern culture would have women believe they can’t have it all—and be smart, successful, strong women with authentic love to boot. Wrong. Told in her signature style—sometimes salty and sometimes sweet—Faith provides real solutions that will teach you how to thrive in relationships while avoiding common missteps and pitfalls. She delivers it straight, with no chaser, to show us how to level up, and reminds us, “how you live single will set the tone for your success in marriage, if that’s your goal.”

‘Young & Gospel’ Non-Scripted Series Headed To OWN

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If you’re a fan of Christian programming , you’ll be excited to know that Young & Gospel is headed to OWN.

Young & Gospel

The non scripted series will give us a peek into the lives of some of our favorite Gospel artist.

According to reports, Jekalyn Carr, Koryn Hawthorne, Bri Babineaux, and Christian rapper Wande have all signed on.

Young & Gospel

The log line states that the series will follow the lives of four young gospel artists as they pursue their dreams and live life on their own terms while staying true to their faith and their families These young women have formed an unconventional sisterhood filled with love, admiration, friendly competition and respect.

No word yet on a release date.

Howard University Renames College Of Fine Arts After Chadwick Boseman

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Chadwick Boseman is being honored by his Alma Mater.

chadwick boseman

Yesterday, Howard University’s President Wayne A. I. Frederick announced the newly re-established College of Fine Arts is now named in honor of the alumnus, whose remarkable career as an actor, director, writer, and producer inspired millions around the world. This news comes just weeks after the announcement of alumna and actress Phylicia Rashad as dean of the college. While a student at H.U., Boseman led a student protest against the consumption of the College of Fine Arts into the College of Arts & Sciences. With his and others’ continued efforts, plans to re-establish the College of Fine Arts were announced in early 2018.

“When Chadwick Boseman returned to campus in 2018 to serve as our commencement speaker, he called Howard a magical place. During his visit, I announced our plans to re-establish the College of Fine Arts and he was filled with ideas and plans to support the effort in a powerful way,” said President Frederick. “Chadwick’s love for Howard University was sincere, and although he did not live to see those plans through to fruition, it is my honor to ensure his legacy lives on through the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts with the support of his wife and the Chadwick Boseman Foundation. I’m also elated to have the support of The Walt Disney Company’s Executive Chairman Bob Iger, who has graciously volunteered to lead the fundraising effort to build a state-of-the art facility and endowment for the college.”

Chadwick’s wife, Simone Ledward Boseman also shared her thoughts on the news; “I am extremely pleased that Howard University has chosen to honor my husband in this way and elated that Ms. Rashad has accepted the role as Dean.” She continued, “Chad was a very proud Bison — both Howard and Ms. Rashad played integral roles in his journey as an artist. The re-establishment of the College of Fine Arts brings this part of his story full-circle and ensures that his legacy will continue to inspire young storytellers for years to come.”

Michelle Williams Checking In Conversations With Beyonce and Kelly

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Surprise! Michelle Williams Checking in Conversations with her former Destiny’s Child bandmates.

michelle williams checking in conversations

Beyoncé and Kelly “checked in” on their sister and to congratulate her on the release of her new mental health book.

In one of the two audio clips shared, Michelle spoke on mental health and what she hopes fans will gain from her book.

michelle williams checking in conversations

“It’s OK to not be OK and it’s OK to tell somebody you’re not OK,” Michelle told Kelly. “Because I should’ve done that with y’all. I’ve been open about a lot of things that I never was really truthful about how I really was.”

Kelly went on to share how people should have that friend(s) whom they consider a “safe place” to express their feelings without being judged.

“People should know that along with friendships, there is humility and you have to allow yourself to hold a safe place in a safe space for all friendships to be able to check in. It’s a blessing to be able to have that,” Kelly shared.

Beyoncé chimed in,

“I just know Kelly and I feel so honored that we are now your safe space where you can express any and everything and we know that you are that for us and you’ve always been that for us, so we’re just happy to be along this journey and happy witness the birth and your new chapter.”

In another clip Bey confirmed that she’s working on new music. After Michelle revealed that Kelly was cooking chicken and rice soup, Bey shared that she was cooking music.

REVIEW: Netflix Blue Miracle: A Heartwarming Story Filled With Hope & Love

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Netflix Blue Miracle starring Golden Globe nominee Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales releases today.

Netflix Blue Miracle

I had the opportunity to screen this film and not only was it inspiring, it was full of hope and love.

The film is based on the incredible true story of Casa Hogar, the Mexican boys home that entered the world’s biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage.

Quaid plays a washed up fisherman and Gonzales portrays the boys home “papa,” whose unlikely partnership has one purpose….. to win the money!

Both desperate for the winnings, find themselves at a crossroads… do they try to win the right way or do they cheat.

I believe every man got inside of him his call to greatness, to be able to do something better than anybody else. and most men they’re afraid of that and they make any excuse they can including their family to play it safe, not to answer that call but I’m not that way.

Most of the film is centered around what happens on the boat. Spending hours at sea for 3 days trying to catch the “big blue,” we find out that Gonzales is still dealing with the death of his father who died at sea. Quaid has a son, who he has sacrificed a relationship with to follow his dream of becoming the worlds greatest fisherman. The boys see Gonzales as a father figure, and even though they come from different backgrounds learn to love and support one another. Sounds like a family to me!

Netflix Blue Miracle

Anyway, I truly enjoyed this move and with the holiday weekend upon us, this would be a great film to watch with the entire family.

Simone Smith Celebrating Black Love With New Jewelry Collection

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Simone Smith is celebrating Black love and she’s rallied some of her famous sistas to join in.

Simone Smith

Smith has teamed up with Color of Change for the “Black Love” jewelry collection.

The pieces center around a Black fist motif, in a campaign inspired by velvet paintings that decorated the walls of Smith’s childhood home.

“The fist symbolizes freedom, unity, and self-love,” Smith who is married to LL Cool J told Oprah Daily. “The Black Love collection is so important to me because it represents the beauty of Black culture and our powerful future. It represents being proud of who you are. My sisters in the campaign all represent Black love to me. They are truly unique, joyous, vibrant bosses who embody the beauty of being Black and loving the skin they’re in.”

Simone Smith

10 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Color Of Change, a non-profit civil rights organization.

“Color Of Change demands justice for Black communities, which includes protecting Black people’s businesses, art, love and joy. This is why I named the collection Black Love, she shared.

You can shop the collection HERE.

Watch: BRAVO’s RHOP Season 6 Trailer Premieres July 11th

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Bravo has released the official trailer for RHOP season 6 and it seems like all the ladies lives are at a crossroads.

RHOP season 6

After saying goodbye to Monique Samuels, the ladies welcome new Housewife, Mia Thornton. Karen describes her as “a boss” and “a breath of fresh air” in the trailer. After overcoming childhood adversity, Mia is a successful business owner, wife and mother of three.

The ladies also welcome Robyn’s friend, Askale Davis. The stylish mother of three with a proud Ethiopian heritage, joins the group as a friend in the new season.

Now what seems to be going on with the returning cast members:

Gizelle admits in the trailer that COVID has put a strain on her and Jamal’s relationship. After getting Juan back, Robyn seems to be overwhelmed with everything she has going on, which may be putting a strain on her relationship.

Karan and Ray seem to be going strong and prepping to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Ashely and Michael may be struggling to get their relationship back on track after giving birth to their son. Wendy is over here pursuing her dreams and her husband is feeling neglected. Then there is Candiace and Chris. He’s managing her career now (can we say ouch!) which is causing tension in their marriage.

Check out the trailer below and don’t forget to tune in July 11th for the season 6 premiere.