Gizelle Bryant “The Word on the Street is…She is the Word on the Street”


The Real Housewives of Potomac are only at episode 2 and Gizelle Bryant( ex-wife of Pastor Jamal Bryant)  seems to be roughing a couple of feathers with her “The word on the street is…she is the word on the street”  approach.  

gizelle-bryant-interview-green-dressI said from the beginning when I heard that Gizelle Bryant would be on this show I was worried about how she would be portrayed seeing as though she was married to a well-known preacher and civil rights activist.  But anyway….

We’re only on episode 2 of the RHOP and Gizelle has managed to live up to her intro “The word on the street is…I am the word on the street”

Gizelle has went from disrespecting Charrissee Jackson Jordan’s  home ( you know it’s not proper etiquette to invite someone else along with you into your friend’s home and then have them walking all through the private quarters).

Gizelle’s response to this incident:

I was really looking forward to cracking, sucking, and eating the crabs that I cooked at Charrisse’s house. I cooked them with my secret spice ingredients and even heated up a special dipping sauce. Sitting down with Charrisse I thought was going to be an easy breezy conversation. We were going to talk about the loud noises that I may have caused and up-to-date hair and makeup tips. But NOPE!…it turned quick fast and in a hurry into something else. After sitting down with Charrisse and having the conversation, I still don’t know why she was soooooo mad. With her tone and disposition towards me you would think that I slapped her Momma, cursed her kids, or stole her favorite Gucci bag that she always, I mean ALWAYS wears. Since I did none of those things and never would, I’m still baffled and confused…there has got to be more to her madness.

Charrisse’s response:

Gizelle and her sidekick spent more time going through my things than anything else. I guess she found that funny, too. This man who I don’t know going through my drawers and cabinets. For the record, I have not been invited to Gizelle’s home in the many years that I have known her and she really think this sh** is okay? But if she ever extends an invitation I would never disrespect her or her home.

I knew going to lunch was a waste of time. Gizelle’s lame attempt at an apology should have simply started off apologizing. If she doesn’t see anything wrong with bringing a stranger into my home and bringing to my bedroom, not to mention the slamming of cabinets and all the craziness that was going on then clearly she is just ignorant. One thing I do know about Ms. Gizelle, is that she is a liar. She will lie to your face to prove her point.

Then this past week we were introduced to Ashley Darby at a socialite mixer and Gizelle wasted no time revealing how she felt about her.  Robyn Dixon ( whom I love by the way) did say that when Gizelle sees another pretty woman, the claws come out, and I believe that’s what we saw at the mixer…. I mean Gizelle called Ashley a THOT.

Gizelle’s response to this incident:

Ashley, Ashley, my little Miss Ashley…honey, that night she was a rambling, hyperactive, boiling hot mess. Her and her big bushy afro went from talking nonsense about nothing to humping and grinding anything walking. I didn’t know whether or not she heard me refer to her as a THOT, but it wasn’t a secret. Everyone from the bartender to the girl passing out appetizers saw her THOT-ish behavior. I just wanted Ashley to stop talking or stop moving for at least five consecutive seconds. I was getting dizzy just looking at her.

Ashley say’s Gizelle needs to act like a middle-aged woman with daughters:

Gizelle needs to stop using (the few) words she understands in rap songs, and act like a middle-aged woman with daughters. I despise the word “hoe.” If anything it creates a division between women by implying that our value is determined by our sexuality. #ByeFelicia

I’m a happily married woman who loves to have fun, so when I see someone with a sour face I’m going to do something goofy to lighten the mood. In this case, it was dancing
with Robyn Dixon. Keep on hatin’ because even with the shade, I’ll still find the sun.

 Jesus be a fence…

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