Pastor LeAndria Johnson’s Baby Mama Drama on Preachers of Atlanta


So let me start off by saying, I am always prayerful about these Oxygen Preacher Shows, mostly because when preachers open up their lives to the world, it comes with a certain level of scrutiny and folks start passing judgement on the Church as a whole.  When I first heard about Preachers of Atlanta, and saw the clip for the show I was excited about the opportunity to see some out of the box ministry’s…. so as I watched the season premiere last night I was a little taken back by Pastor LeAndria Johnson’s  husband, Forrest Walker “baby mama” drama.

12662602_569144459915677_2336701204720755460_nThe show kicked off with Pastor LeAndria Johnson and her husband, Forrest Walker dealing with “baby mama” drama, LeAndria wants her husband to get a paternity test for a baby that could be his.  You might recall a year ago that a young lady named Anita Harrison, claimed that she had dated, Forrest Walker, who is a pastor’s son by the way, and became pregnant, when she told him she was with child, he became engaged to LeAndria while she was in her 2nd trimester.

 Anita reportedly reached out to Leandria’s manager to discuss the issue of the baby, including Forrest never paying child support. It’s been reported that it has now been 3 years and still nothing.  Now fast forward to last night, and LeAndria made it clear to Forrest that he needs to handle his business and get a paternity test, later the couple ended up meeting at a restaurant to discuss the issue (probably because LeAndria seems to have a house full of folks that she helps take care of so no privacy at home) and things go left when Forrest tells LeAndria that she is not being supportive, she gets up, he follows her, she calls her manager to “get him” she then walks out the restaurant and gets in her car and drives off.

It was obvious watching this play out last night, that this situation is weighing heavily on LeAndria, and I can understand why, it’s her name that everybody knows and is pasted all over the blogs.  This is why you have to be careful who you marry, because you take on their baggage, and sometimes that baggage can get a little heavy.

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