A Bride Who Was Left At The Altar Treats The Homeless to A 35K Reception


What would you do if a week before your wedding your fiance called the whole thing off? Well let me tell you what  Quinn Duane’s did…….

She took the already paid for banquet hall and fed the homeless!  That’s right she gave back to the community.  Here is the back story:

A week before Quinn Duane’s wedding day, her fiancé decided to call the whole thing off, leaving Duane’s family with an empty banquet hall, a boatload of decorations, and enough food to feed over 100 people. So, what to do? The food was already paid for; the canceled wedding was still going to cost the Duanes $35,000. Instead of letting it go all to waste, the mother of the bride had another idea: have the reception, but use the opportunity to give back to the community.wed-pic-3-jpg

KCRA reports that on Saturday, Quinn Duane’s reception went on as planned, except with three major differences—she was absent, her mother Kari was in charge, and the banquet hall of Sacramento, CA’s Citizen Hotel was filled with members of the city’s homeless and hungry population. They were there to help Kari Duane consume the cauliflower, salmon, tri-tip, and gnocchi that had been ordered for the party.


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