About A Mile

About A Mile’s full-length sophomore album, Trust You All The Way, releases globally tomorrow(Oct. 28) from Radiate Music and is available for preorder now at iTunes and Amazon.com. Along with the preorder from iTunes are immediate downloads of the new single and title track, the hard-driving “Taking Back” (the video of this song has been seen on AXS TV, YouToo America Garage Band, ClubCom, California Music Channel, Video Hits and many more outlets internationally) and the pop flavored Top 25 Billboard Christian Hot AC/CHR National Airplay Chart hit single “Born To Live.” All the lyrics on these and every song on the new album point directly to Christ and His power.

Since launching 2014’s biggest-selling Christian album debut from a new artist, Dove Award-nominated About A Mile has taken all the experiences over the last couple years and poured them into the new album. More than the successes of playing Christian music’s biggest stage (Winter Jam), a series of radio hits and other accolades, band members and brothers Adam, Luke and Levi Klutinoty have resolved to trust God with every aspect of their lives and ministry.

“What separates the Christian from the world is one five-letter word: Faith,” Adam says. “I’m talking about God-pleasing faith that believes before seeing and allows us to confidently stand within the hardest battles…Ninety percent isn’t enough. We need to come to God with 100 percent and lay everything down at the Cross.”About A Mile

Confessing his own struggles and subsequent deliverance from drugs, lust and even a long battle with ulcerative colitis, a disease that causes stomach pain, bleeding and weight loss, frontman Adam says, “I laid down everything at the Cross, and it’s all gone. Even a disease that I was suffering from for four-and-a-half years, gone; it’s completely gone.”

With a name that originates from the belief that Jesus carried his cross “about a mile,” the band has carried their message from coast-to-coast. Lauded for their musicianship, authenticity and labeled “musical chemistry perfected” by one critic, About A Mile has hit some of the nation’s biggest venues on the Winter Jam tour and with bands like Skillet, Sidewalk Prophets and more. In this new season of touring though, the band is seeing some very different responses to their new songs and message.

“We’ve been playing ‘Trust You All The Way, ‘Traded,’ ‘Hallelujah’ and more songs from the new album, and people have been coming to the altar, confessing their sins and accepting Christ into their lives. It was never like that before,” shares Adam.


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