Adrienne Bailon Emotional Discussing Athletes Taking A Knee

"They're not disrespecting the flag, they're actually saying what this flag stands for."


On The Real Daytime Monday, show co-host Adrienne Bailon- Houghton became emotional as she shared with her co-hosts ¬†the advice her dad (a Vietnam War Veteran) gave her regarding the NFL players taking a knee. ¬†Adrienne told the ladies that she talked to her dad before coming onto the stage, because she didn’t want to disrespect him or the military.


“He said, ‘You know what baby, I fought for people to have freedom of speech,'” she continued, tearing up as she spoke. “I love my dad because he said freedom of speech in Spanish, in Chinese, in Arabic and that’s what these people are fighting for. They’re not disrespecting the flag, they’re actually saying what this flag stands for. It stands for you to have the right to say what you feel, to have the freedom of speech and more importantly, that they’re doing it in a peaceful way.”



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