Adrienne Bailon Says Her & Fiance Israel Houghton Are Her Favorite Couple

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As Adrienne Bailon counts down to her wedding with fiance, Israel Houghton, she is gushing about their love…. She is in love with their love!

“We are my favorite couple ever, but I guess that’s how everyone feels,” says Adrienne to Essence. “We watch…old school movies. We love working out. We love going to Soul Cycle, and oh my God, this might sound really weird, but we love to color in coloring books. They have adult coloring books you can get at Urban Outfitters. There’s a Vogue one, there’s a Paris, France one – so, we color. And the craziest part is he’s better than me, so I get very competitive. I have to step up my coloring skills.”

When the newlywed to be’s  aren’t competing against each other in coloring contests, the two are indulging in marriage counseling and a good read. “We read out loud to each other. We read LA Reid’s entire book [Sing to Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic, and Searching for Who’s Next] out loud to each other. We love reading and finishing books together.”