Aisha Hinds Calls Playing Harriet Tubman A Tremendous Call To Duty

Aisha Hinds

Aisha Hinds is the actress who plays abolitionist Harriet Tubman in WGN’s breakout series Underground.   The actress admitted to being intimidated about playing such an iconic figure.

“Initially I was very stalled in approaching this work because she is this icon and I was stalled in this place of reverence that in and of itself caused me to break down during the first camera test.” Hinds called the role a “tremendous call to duty,” adding, “something inside of me broke wide open to receive everything this experience would afford me. I think that Harriet Tubman’s spirit is one that I was immediately open to welcoming to guide me to this journey.”

About season 2 of Underground:

Season two will follow the struggle for freedom within a divided America on the brink of civil war, each side vying to enact their own justice. Set in the aftermath of the Macon 7’s daring attempt at escape, this group of American heroes continues on the harrowing journey to freedom, with legendary abolitionist Tubman blazing the trail.

Check out the trailer for Underground season 2:


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