Angela Bassett On Her Faith Journey

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Angela Bassett

A lot of people know Angela Bassett the actress but few know that the award winning actress grew up in the church and it’s still a huge part of her life.

Angela Bassett

In an interview with Parade magazine, the award winning actress shared her journey of faith and like most of us it started a long time ago in grandma and nem’ church..

I grew up in Florida, my great-grandfather was a pastor, I think my other grandfather was a pastor as well. My mother had us in Sunday school and choir. Growing up in the church means things like going to Bible study with your grandmother on Wednesday and if the choir director picks you up hitchhiking, he’ll give you a lesson and then your mother will give you a lesson and maybe a lockdown. The community was involved. Love of God makes so much sense to me when other things don’t. Life is so beautiful and complex that it doesn’t make sense to me that it was just an explosion. It’s my belief system.

Everyone is going to serve something and that can become the center of their existence.

Mine is love of God and faith, as opposed to fame and money. All those things are nice, but not if you serve them. They have the potential to devour.

The actress and her husband Courtney B. Vance are members of West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

Angela Bassett and courtney b. vance


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