Angela Robinson “Blessed To Be Able To Move Through My Insecurities In Faith”

Angela Robinson

The Have and The Have Nots star, Angela Robinson says she is blessed to be able to move through her insecurities in faith.  The actress took us all to school when she revealed on the gram that we ALL struggle with insecurities, and that anyone who tells you otherwise is basically not being truthful.  Robinson went on to reveal that she is not all she wants to be, but that she will not quit.  “God made me and said it is good,  so I accept that,” the actress shared.

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Angela RobinsonINSECURITY! If someone tells you they are 100% secure in themselves, confident in their abilities, their appearance, and their relationships. They are likely not being truthful. INSECURITY happens to all of us. It is what we do with it that matters. Do we wallow in self doubt? Speak ill of others to have a momentary boost of self confidence. Do we bow out of the game, check out of relationships, because the fear of rejection is so great? No! The healthy insecure person says: I’m not all I want to be but I will never quit. God made me and said “it is good” So I accept that I am good. I will strive to be my best everyday and I will encourage others to do the same. I may be insecure in this moment, but God has equipped me and created me in the same moment and he is bigger than my insecurity. INSECURITY doesn’t have to tie you down. It can be that motivating force pushing you toward your highest potential. That’s what it’s doing for me and I pray the same for you.

A follower then chimed in asking the actress has she walked pass a mirror lately, suggesting that because she is beautiful she shouldn’t struggle with insecurities.

Angela then responded by reiterating that we all are insecure about something, as she went on to reveal that she’s great with her insecurities.

“Blessed to be able to move through my insecurities in faith.  It is a blessing.”



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