Ariana Grande Perfume Sales Have Grossed Over $150 Million

Ariana Grande's Perfume Portfolio Has Grossed Over $150 million in Retail Sales Across The Globe Beating Out Kim Kardashian's Perfume Launch

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande seems to be a major player in the perfume business!

Within two years, Ariana Grande has grossed over $150 million in retail sales for her fragrance empire.

Via Refinery29:

Ariana’s perfume sales are so major — which, to put into perspective, beats the sales numbers of Kim Kardashian’s KKW Gardenia perfume launch fifteen times over.

Ariana Grande

With top-selling fragrances like Moonlight, Sweet Like Candy, her signature fragrance, and through her loyal fan base, the singers fragrances have seen uncharted sales growth that has far exceeded anyone’s expectations.

People will never not want to smell sweet as candy.

You Go Girl!


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