CeCe Winans Daughter Ashley Rose Love Bridal Shower A Beautiful Play On Her Name [PICS]

Ashley Love

CeCe Winans daughter Ashley Rose Love got married over the weekend to Kenny Phillips.  As we await more wedding day pics (we have a couple posted below), we are in “love” with her rose gold bridal shower that was a cool play on her name.

Ashley was gorgeous in a lace romper from Nordstrom’s, as she stood beside a vehicle with a rose gold “love” balloon, the same as her last name, and a white and pink rose centerpiece (her middle name is Rose). Cool, right?

The attention to detail on the table settings is breathtaking.  Notice the rose gold everything!!! The  design on the tablecloths, the decorations on the plates, and those beautiful rose centerpieces.

Ashley, who married Kenny Phillips over the weekend in Nashville, recently shared her testimony on  waiting for God best in a post on a fitness blog.

In the post, the only daughter of Pastor Alvin and CeCe Winans Love shared that as she understood more of what love and marriage were about it changed her outlook, and she changed her approach on how she  prayed for her future husband.

I started looking at it as an opportunity to be refined and knew that if it was supposed to be for a lifetime, I didn’t need to be impulsive or overly emotional about it. I started really thinking about important qualities in a man that would be helpful to me and be easy for me to submit to. As I received revelation of each trait, I wrote them all down and started speaking them out loud. I would say things like “my future husband is…” and “my future husband will be…”. Faith without works is dead. For the man, this includes prayer as well as pursuing a female. For the woman, this means praying, confessing, and carrying yourself in a way that says, “I am whole and a working on becoming the person that I’m looking for is looking for.”

Ashley continued,

I also included my family and other people that I trust in the relationship. Don’t isolate yourself or be secretive when you’re in the process of dating. Involve those who know both of you best and get their insight and wisdom. It is always helpful if you and the one you are dating worship together regularly and have a solid church community. This kind of accountability makes dating so much safer.

Ashley stopped to take a selfie with uncle, BeBe Winans.

Here is BeBe Winans with the Winans family matriarch, Delores Winans.

Congratulations to Kenny and Ashley!!!!!



Pic Credit: Ashley Love IG


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