B. Slade “Tonex” Church Clapback To Beyonce’s “Formation”

b slade

A few days ago, The Dream Team live streamed an event honoring Kurt Carr and Lynette Hawkins-Stephens for their contributions to gospel music. The evening’s musical tribute was held at the famed Love Center Ministries (Oakland, CA), and  B. Slade (formerly known as Tonex) was on hand to pay tribute to Lynette Hawkins-Stephens.

As B. Slade performed “There’s A War Going On, the  comments got ugly, with folks picking apart everything from his  attire, movement on stage, his hat, and even his presence at the event.

Well, B. Slade has something to say, in the song, titled “Conversation,” and recorded to the instrumental of Beyoncé‘s popular record “Formation,” in which the singer addresses those who criticized his sexuality, more specifically his attire during a visit to the Love Center.


  1. I love Tone’x (B. Slade), he has amazing vocals, lyrics and energy. He said it best in his song, he’s been himself since way back when. It should be no surprise of his lifestyle now. We all seen it coming, yet the saints were still bumping “Restoration” and “Personal Jesus”. We don’t really know what a person is dealing with, until they let us in. It isn’t my job to judge, it’s my job to love. Like it or not, he is still ministering to those out there that are going through the same struggle he is. God works in mysterious ways… The prayer I pray for B. Slade is that he allow God’s will to be done in his life and feel the love of all his fans.

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