Barack Obama Praises Michelle Obama During David Letterman Interview

Barack Obama
Pic Credit: Netflix
Barack Obama talks missing Michelle on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman on Netflix.

David Letterman’s interview with President Barack Obama started streaming Friday morning on Netflix.

Even though the entire interview is good, and thought provoking, it’s something about the way Barack Obama talks about Michelle…

After Letterman brought Obama onto the stage (that was an emotional moment for me) the men got down to business.

Letterman asked Obama about his first day not being President, and Obama shared that he took Michelle on a “holiday” because he “missed his wife.”

“I took Michelle on a holiday, because I missed my wife. We had not hung out, so we spent 10 days and had a wonderful time,” Obama said.

Ya’ll remember that vacation, when the Obama’s spent 10 days in the British Virgin Islands with Billionaire Richard Branson. Barack Obama was pictured Kitesurfing, and walking on the beach with his baseball cap turned to the back.  While Michelle got her entire life with those two braids underneath her baseball cap, wearing her short shorts, and sandals.

Barack Obama
Pic Credit: DailyMail
Barack Obama
Pic Credit: DailyMail

Branson wrote about his vacation with the Obama’s in his latest book Finding My Virginity.  He shared that Michelle greeted him with, “We’re free!”

Obama also praised his wife for using her position as First Lady to impact the areas that she was passionate about, like the First Lady’s Kitchen Garden that she started.

Letterman jokingly said throughout the interview that Obama had to “get back to the Oval office” to which Obama said the constitution and Michelle prevent from ever happening. Sorry Ya’ll

“No, you didn’t understand me. I’m prevented from running again by the Constitution, but even if it were not for that amendment, Michelle would leave me, and I want her around!”

Barack Obama’s interview with David Letterman is streaming now on Netflix.

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