‘Being Mary Jane’ Jaw Dropping Season 3 Trailer


Who else is patiently awaiting “Being Mary Jane” season 3 besides us?  Well we all can get excited! We’ve got the first sneak peek at the upcoming third season and it’s filled with jaw dropping drama

In the third season first look, we get to see what happens to Mary Jane after her car accident, and then the  truth about  her on-again/off-again boyfriend David  and her (supposedly)  best friend Lisa comes out and she wants absolutely NOTHING to do with them.

What’s going on with Mary Jane face?  You hear her screaming “Let me see my face!”

Mary Jane seems to be on leave from work after the accident, and  a young Latina woman takes her place…. This seems to cause drama when Mary Jane is  ready to come back to work.Being-Mary-Jane-Season-3-pic-1-Gabrielle-Union Viben on films

Also, the car crash seems to be Mary Jane fault and the other woman involved in the crash is trying to sue.  Oh and the other woman is played by none other than Loretta Devine.

Take a look at the jaw dropping season 3 trailer:

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