Beyonce Lemonade Inspired Online Game

Beyonce Lemonade

If you’re still upset about Beyonce’s  Album of The Year, Grammy snub for her groundbreaking Lemonade album, you can’t take out your frustration playing an online video game called, Lemonade-Rage inspired from the Beyonce Lemonade album.

BeyonceCreated by Joe Laquite, Justin Au, Line Johnsen, and Colby Spear, the free online game is themed around the mommy to be’s  “Hold Up” music video—complete with a cover of the song as the soundtrack—and features Beyoncé in her iconic yellow dress, wielding her hot sauce bat.

Players take on the role of Queen Bey herself as they walk down the street, smashing objects like cars, hydrants, and even ads for good hair, in an effort to earn the lemons with which to make lemonade. Players must also maneuver around obstacles like “haterz,” “Illuminati conspiracists,” and “bulls—” to keep her from getting angrier.

We played it, and it’s pretty cool, you can play it at



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