Beyonce Is Just Like Us She Loves Target Too!

Beyonce, Tina Knowles and Blue Ivy Were Spotted Shopping At Target On Thursday Afternoon

Beyonce, Momma Tina and Blue Ivy were spotted shopping at Target on Thursday afternoon.

BeyonceBlue Ivy was kept in the kids shopping cart while Beyonce and Momma Tina looked at bikes and other toys in the store.

According to shoppers in the North Hollywood Target, Bey’s security wouldn’t let folks get too close to the Queen.  Beyonce

We’re so loving the backpack Bey is wearing as she pushes Blue Ivy in the shopping cart.

The ladies are given us flashbacks to the time First Lady Michelle Obama visited a Target in Alexandria, Virginia.

Just like Beyonce, Michelle dressed down for the trip.

Bey, Jay-Z and the kids jetted home to California early Wednesday morning.


It’s good to know that even though she’s the Queen, she still humble enough to patronize a neighborhood Target.



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