Bishop Cecil Newton Father of NFL Quarterback Cam Newton Says “God is Good!”


Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton is preparing for Superbowl 50, and his dad, Bishop Cecil Newton told the Tom Joyner morning show about the popularity of his son that “God is good!”

cecil-and-cam-newton-6f44f2962f325e8fBishop Cecil Newton talked to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the public’s opinion about his son’s dancing, the advice he’d give to parents and much more.

The reaction of the popularity of his son:

“I’ve never really saw this day coming so soon, but God is good.”

On public opinion about his dancing:

“December 2014 Cam’s life was almost extracted from him. But by the grace of God, he walked away from an accident that could’ve ended it all. Him celebrating is trivial.”

Bishop Newton is the Bishop of Holy Zion Church of Deliverance in Newnan, Georgia, where they desire to BUILD UP ZION via Ministries inside of the Church, the Community, streets, hospitals, prisons and everywhere declaring the good News of the Gospels.


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