Bishop T.D. Jakes Talks Church Hurt

Bishop T.D. Jakes Talks  Church Hurt
Bishop T.D. Jakes Talks Church Hurt

Bishop T.D. Jakes and Devon Franklin are making their rounds promoting  their latest film together, Miracles from Heaven.  During one interview the Bishop discussed how the main character, Christy Beam (played by actress Jennifer Garner) in a season of her life leaves her place of worship because of criticism she encounters because of her daughters illness.

bishop-t-d-jakes-and-devon-franklinWhen asked how he as a man of the cloth would handle such a situation Bishop T.D Jakes replied,

“I think people have to realize that they don’t go to church for other people. Until they realize that, they will always get disappointed and leave because other people are just as flawed as you are,” Bishop Jakes told The Christian Post when asked how he, as a man of the cloth, would handle that situation.

“You go to church to have an encounter with God in the midst of other people, so as long as we understand that clearly, we’ll get around it, but people don’t understand it and they get wounded at a moment of vulnerability,” he continued.

Bishop Jakes said he and his church family, work really hard to safeguard people from church hurt, but he admitted that “things are [still] going to happen.”

“The real sign of maturity is that you can be who you are in spite of who’s around you. The sooner you mature as a Christian the less likely you are to quit because of what somebody said around you,” he advised.


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