CeCe Winans Hosting Online Mother’s Day Event With Mother & Daughter

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CeCe Winans is hosting an online Mother’s Day discussion with her mother Delores and daughter Ashley, who’s a new mom.

cece winans

On May 7th the ladies will discuss the joys, struggles, beauty, and hope found in motherhood in what is being called “Generations: A Celebration of Motherhood”.

“Join me for a special online event as I sit down with my mother and daughter for a meaningful Mother’s Day discussion. We will talk through the joys, struggles, beauty, and hope found in motherhood. Also, we will celebrate the generational impact and legacy of all mothers, both living and past,” she announced.

You can watch the event on her Youtube Channel Friday night, May 7th at 7:00 p.m.

Demi Lovato Cutting Her Hair Freed Her From Southern Christian Norms

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Demi Lovato did something most Southern Christian women just don’t do.

Demi Lovato

She cut her hair off!

During an interview on the Drew Barrymore show the singer shared how doing the big chop helped to free her.

“I just wanted to free myself of all of the gender and sexuality norms that were placed on me as a Christian in the south.”

Lovato continued,

“And when I cut my hair I felt so liberated because I wasn’t subscribing to an ideal or belief placed upon me to be something that I’m not.”

Demi went on to share with Drew Barrymore that she’s the happiest she’s ever felt.

At the end of the day that’s all that matters!

Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Oprah Approved!

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Are you like me and still looking for Mother’s Day gifts?

Mother's Day Gifts

Don’t worry Oprah and my friends over at SheKnows have us covered.

They’ve done the hard work for us and gathered some of Lady O’s favorite things that would make all the mother’s in our life heart smile.

Oprah’s Favorite Tea:

Mother's Day Gifts
Vahdam Tea

Assorted tea gift set from VAHDAM: An Exclusive Gift for her with 3 Gold Tin Caddies filled with Award Winning Teas & Presented in a Luxury Gift Box. A Mother’s Day Present to bring a smile to her face. The tea set retails for $24.99 on Amazon

Oprah’s Favorite Zero Waste Makeup:

Lip-to-Lid Balmies

Package Free x Axiology Lip-to-Lid Balmies Set: A 3-in-1 multi-use color for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Lip-to-Lid Balmies are planet-friendly, wear-anywhere crayons that hydrate like a balm. The lip to lid balmies retail for $36 at ULTA Beauty.

Oprah’s Favorite Cookware Set:


If your mom is anything like my mom, she hasn’t upgraded her cooking set in years and this would be an awesome gift! So, upgrade the mom in your life with this 7pc. chef worthy cookware set from HexClad. On the site it retails for $349.99

And because I’m all about things that uplift and inspire, Oprah’s book “The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose” would be an awesome gift for the mom in your life who loves to read. The paperback version retails for $15.60 at Amazon.

Decorating My New Home Is Helping To Heal My Heart

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Clutter and Grief. Are they connected?

The above picture is from my wedding day. This picture has special meaning because not only is my late husband in this pic but my father who I lost 5 years ago.

I’ve been reading DIY blogs trying to get inspiration for my new home. I stumbled upon DIY blogger Marty Walden’s blog and became hooked. Her decorating ideas are everything to me!

Anyway, she shares in her “About” section how decorating her home was healing for her heart.

See just like me she’s suffered loss. She shared how sometimes we want to keep everything from our loved ones who have passed away as a way of holding on. So we find ourselves trying to create new spaces with everything from our past… Can we say clutter? Can we say stuck?

My first month in my new place after my husband passed I was overwhelmed and lost. I tried to bring my entire life with him (6 years) into my new place. It wasn’t working.

After reading Marty’s blog and listening to a therapist… I realized it’s okay to create a space that reflects who I am now with hints from my past.

This is me after my blinged out mirror arrived from Wayfair. I love clean white rooms and a little sparkle.

What I’ve learned from Marty is getting stuck in grief affects more than just our emotions.. It can have an affect on our physical home as well.

So I’ve decided to keep the memories that make my heart smile and enjoy the process of decorating my new space. A space that reflects who I am now and all the things that I love which includes pieces of my life with my late husband. My forever Superman!

Thank you Marty!

Kimberly Elise Rededicates Her Life To Christ On Her 54th Birthday

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Kimberly Elise celebrated two birthdays on Saturday, April 17th.

Kimberly Elise

The actress celebrated her earthly birthday and the day she decided to rededicate her life to Christ.

God is faithful and true. Though we may stray, He is long suffering and gives us many chances to come home.

Kimberly was baptized as a teen, and like many Christian teens wandered back into the world. In 2019, she heard God’s voice tell her,” enough wandering it’s time to come home.” Just like most of us, came home she did. Back into the Kingdom of God.

Kimberly Elise
Photo Credit: K Douglas Photo via Instagram

“Today, on my birthday, I was baptized again – this time fully aware and understanding what I was doing and of the promise I’ve made to the Lord.”

“So, all these years later, He has wiped the slate, restored what the locus ate and made me like 16 again.”

Talk about a birthday present.

Oprah Announces New Book On Trauma & Virtual Tour To Go With

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It’s no secret growing up Oprah had to deal with childhood trauma.

Now the media mogul is opening up about her past and path to healing in a book she co-authored, What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing — and she’s starting with a virtual book tour.

Screen Shot Instagram

We all have pasts, and most of us have experienced various levels of trauma that have informed how we operate and interact in the world.

On Thursday, Lady O’ announced a virtual tour wither her co-author, Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D. with bookstores around the country. Beginning April 27th, each of these free hour-long events promises to be inspiring and candid. The in-depth conversations will be moderated by prominent cultural figures including her BFF Gayle King, Rob Lowe, and Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

“We have been working on this book for several years, and I look forward to these conversations that will allow us to hold more empathy for ourselves and others as we learn to ask the question, ‘What happened to you?’,” the media mogul shared.

You can register for the event here