Political strategist Cristina Gonzalez is set to host a new podcast that merges food and politics.

Politics of Food

Politics of Food will give listeners an in-depth look into the intentional politicization, economics and community impact of food on a global scale, according to the press release.

Debuting March 31st, the show will feature conversations with experts and everyday people, where we will learn the true impact of food.

Politics of Food

“Considering that food is such a mainstay in our lives, so few of us are privy to the systems that impact what we eat, how we eat it, and why. We created this show to lift the veil on those systems,” said González, a political strategist who has worked on numerous political campaigns in New York State. “I’m so excited to explore all these themes with food and politics at their center, issues that have social and economic implications in the everyday lives of folks, and dive into ways we can start fixing these broken systems.”

González will talk to restaurateurs, executives at major food companies, farmers, consumers and experts on a wide variety of issues, including the impact of COVID-19 on restaurants, social issues like racism in food media, and the different ways political decisions work as a force to drive hunger across the globe.

The series is featured on all podcasting platforms including Apple PodcastsSpotifyPandoraGoogle PodcastsStitcher.

Girl, Ayesha Curry is promoting vegan cheese through a partnership with vegan food brand “So Delicious.”

ayesha curry

Ayesha and So Delicious created dairy-free versions of the author’s most popular recipes, including Butternut Squash Cheesy Mac with Edamame, The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and (non-vegan) Chicken Parm Burger, using So Delicious vegan cheeses which both the brand and Curry will promote on their social media channels to encourage others to replace dairy with vegan alternatives. 

“I’m a firm believer in eating mindfully, while not depriving yourself of the things you love to eat. Reaching for more plant-based ingredients is one trick I know helps me feel my best,” Curry said. “Cheese is a staple in so many of my favorite recipes, and So Delicious Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives are the perfect swap. You’ll see what I mean when you try them for yourself.”


Ayesha Curry Celebrates The Release Of Her New Cookbook “The Full Plate”

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Ayesha Curry celebrated the release of her latest cookbook The Full Plate on Monday night with family and friends at Miss Likklemores in Ontario.

Hosted by her proud mother Carol Joan and husband Steph Curry, the pop up restaurant was transformed into a tropical oasis for a surprise celebration for the author and businesswoman. Celebrity chef Lonie recreated dishes from Ayesha’s cookbook alongside items from the menu for invited guests.

The Full Plate brings the best of Ayesha’s home kitchen straight to you, with 100 recipes that are flexible and flavorful and come together in less than an hour. You’ll find sheet pan dinners and crowd-pleaser pastas, hearty salads and healthy updates to takeout favorites, and fresh spins on classic dishes-plus kid-friendly meals, desserts, and sides (and a few beverages just for the adults).

Ayesha Curry