Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Named Time Magazine’s 2020 Person of the Year

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris just beat out Trump again…..

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The President and VP-elect were named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. They were among five finalist that included Donald Trump and Dr. Fauci.

Why give the honor to the next leaders of the free world? Together they offered restoration and renewal in a single ticket, and America bought what they were selling.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The title reflects the ability of the chosen individual to “affect the news or our lives, for better or worse,” the magazine describes.

Upon being notified of the honor Thursday, Biden and Harris simply said, “Thank you for the honor.”

joe biden and kamala harris

Congratulations Mr. President-elect Biden and Madam VP-elect Harris.

Check Out VP Elect Kamala Harris New VP Residence

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VP elect Kamala Harris and her husband Doug will no longer call California home when they move into the VP residence in Washington this January.

VP Residence

The beautiful and private home sits behind a gate on the grounds of the US Naval Observatory. According to The White House, the first floor has a reception hall, living room, sitting room, dining room, garden room, lounges, pantry kitchen, and veranda.

VP residence

On the second floor of the 9,000 square ft. home is the master suite, another bedroom, a study, and a den. The attic has four bedrooms for children, and the main kitchen is located in the basement.

President elect Joe Biden once said he was thankful for former VP Dan Quayle who added a swimming pool to the residence.

VP residence

When they were second in command the Biden’s hosted a barbecue at the residence for wounded service members from Walter Reed hospital.

VP residence

Also, just like the White House, the VP residence gets decorated at Christmas time.

VP Residence

Janet Yellen Poised To Become 1st Woman To Head Treasury Department

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President elect Joe Biden announced on Monday that he has chosen Janet Yellen as Sec. of Treasury; if confirmed she will become the 1st woman to hold the position.

Yellen became an economist at a time when you didn’t see a lot of women entering the field and even fewer saw advancement in the male-dominated environment. She is the former chair of the Federal Reserve and made history then as the first woman to hold the position, which she held from 2010-2014.

Recently she has been a champion of continued government support for workers and businesses during the pandemic, publicly warning that a lack of aid to state and local governments could slow recovery.

Janet Yellen

“While the pandemic is still seriously affecting the economy, we need to continue extraordinary fiscal support,” she said in a Bloomberg Television interview in October.

Jill Biden Campaigns In Lansing, Michigan For Her Husband

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Dr. Jill Biden campaigned for her husband Joe Biden in Lansing, Michigan on Thursday afternoon.

Even though it was raining, people stood outside and waited to hear our future First Lady talk about our next President and why America should vote for him.

Jill Biden

“The life that we built with our boys and our daughter Ashley certainly has changed, she shared with the crowd about being married to Joe. But, one thing that never did change was the character of the man I married…the man who came home from Washington, DC to tuck our kids in… the man who gives his phone number to grieving parents because he needs them to know that even though their hearts are shattered, they are not alone…the man who went to work a few days after our son died because he knew the American public needed him.”

Jill Biden

She even talked about Joe’s resilence:

“Over these past few years, I’ve seen Joe get knocked down and get back up again and again. His strength of will is unstoppable and his faith is unshakeable because it’s not in political parties or even himself. It’s in the providence of God. It’s in the potential of our country. It’s in you. It’s in us.”

Dr. Jill will also be making stops in Tallahassee and Orlando Florida on Sunday.

Sunday is the last day to early vote in Florida ahead of Tuesday’s Election Day.

I am so ready to have Dr. Jill as the First Lady of the United States…..

ESSENCE & Black Women’s Roundtable Release ‘Power of the Sister Vote’ Poll

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On October 14th, ESSENCE and Black Women’s Roundtable (BWR), released their 6th annual “Power of the Sister Vote” poll. The BWR/ESSENCE Poll is conducted annually to gauge the political concerns, attitudes and opinions of Black women across the country and identify what Black women want for their vote from presidential candidates in 2020.

Black Women’s Roundtable

The 2020 BWR/ESSENCE Poll shows that:

  • Black women are overwhelmingly concerned about survival, safety and stability when it comes to issues impacting Black communities.
  • The overall top three issues Black women believe are adversely impacting US Democracy are Racism/Rise in Hate CrimesCorruption in Government; and Voting Rights/Voter Suppression Tactics.
  • Black women identify “reducing structural/systemic racism” and “policing and criminal justice reform” as the top two issues they want presidential candidates to commit to addressing to win their vote, followed by “Eradicating COVID-19” and “Protecting the safety net (Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security).”

The poll also shows Black women respondents overwhelmingly favor the Biden/Harris Ticket (90%), while giving the current president a failing grade for the fourth straight year (80%).

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3rd

Black Mayors Take Over New Biden Campaign Ad

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Black Mayors are encouraging their supporters to get out and vote in the latest Biden/Harris campaign ad.

The spot kicks off with Atlanta’s mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms stating,

Black women have always been on the frontlines of social justice.

“We organize, make phone calls, and yes, we run for office, all while being fly. We stand up to systemic racism, fight for health care and justice for all our citizens. And use our power, our right, our responsibility. Black women, let’s vote,” says a group of black female mayors that include Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot and D.C’s mayor Muriel Bowser.

Black Mayors
Pic Credit: Screen Grab

The ladies tee it up to the men who had this to say about voting:

“Fellas, brothers, we’ve heard our sisters, our mothers, our wives and daughters cry out for equality all across this country. And now it’s our turn, our responsibility to take our power back. Black women vote more than Black men. And it’s time we change that. Don’t give your power away. Every single vote counts in this election — show up, show out, and vote.”

“We are proud to bring together this incredible group of Black leaders to deliver a powerful call to action for Black Americans to stand in support of Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris,” said Kamau Marshall, director of strategic communications for the campaign. “Their call to action is clear: Vote this fall to move our country forward.”