Christian Singer Nicole Mullen Shares Testimony Of Finding Love Again

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Christian singer Nicole Mullen

Christian singer Nicole Mullen shared her testimony on finding love after 7 years and it blessed me, so I wanted to share it with ya’ll hoping that it will be a blessing to ya’ll as well.

It has been 7 yrs. and I will now count this as my first season of Love!

With it being Valentine’s Day weekend, the Dove Award winning singer took to her Instagram page to encourage women not to lose heart because God can turn their night season around, just like he did for her.

Christian Singer Nicole Mullen

“My marital status began to change, and I became a single mother. I felt devastated! Since then, I have spent every Valentine’s Day…alone… in the natural. And sometimes it felt Alone-ly.”

Still every year, God has lifted my head, straightened my shoulders, tilted my chin upward, wiped my tears, deposited a song in my heart, goodness in my mouth and reassured me that I was known, seen, heard and Loved beyond measure…by Him. It was a Love pep talk from The Father! Whether he answered my desire for a loving spouse in the natural sense, or not, He would always take care of me! He would always be my ultimate husband!

My night season is over…I am enjoying the day…even in the middle of a crazy season of cultural unrest.

And then like that…he did it! God let the one I had prayed for find me. The one he had chosen for me.My Husband!! He is loving me well! My heart is full of Giddy Love and gratitude!!