Ciara Finally Reveals Daughter Sienna Princess Wilson & She’s A Cutie

Ciara introduced the world to daughter Sienna Princess Wilson Thursday morning.

In a beautiful video posted on TraceMe, Ciara shows off her beautiful daughter for the first time.


The singer, and husband Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson welcomed their baby girl, Sienna Princess Wilson last April.

Even though we’ve seen the back of Sienna’s head as she rocked her daddy’s jersey during Football games, or her nestled inside a stroller, this is the first time that we get a look at her face, and just as we thought, she is a gorgeous Princess! Looking just like her daddy…

Ciara also shares a beautiful message with her daughter on the app:

Dear Sienna Princess Wilson, my Princess, it has been the sweetest joy having you in my life, since the day you were born watching you grow up has been the greatest blessing a mom could ask for.  You are the little girl I always prayed for, I’m so grateful for you.”



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