Cora Jakes Coleman Said It Vexed Her Spirit To Watch LeAndria Johnson on Preachers of Atlanta


First, it was Donnie McClurkin, now Cora Jakes Coleman, the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes speaks out against Preachers of Atlanta star, LeAndria Johnson’s behavior on the show… Said it vexed her spirit.

unnamed-2“I’m sorry. I don’t agree with it,” said Cora Jakes Coleman in a Periscope video about the behavior of  Pastor, LeAndria Johnson.

In the season premiere, Johnson is seen with short shorts on walking the neighborhood handing out condoms and cigarettes.

Cora goes on to say,

“This is a poor representation of what we as preachers and ministers of the gospel are supposed to be showing the people of God,” said Jakes Coleman.

Jakes Coleman, who acknowledges that no one is perfect, argues that Christian leaders must use discretion when publicly revealing aspects of private life.

“We have to be very careful about what we allow people to see,” she explained. “There is an issue I have when you open up the world to seeing your struggle in such a way and then you don’t offer a resolution or a solution or wisdom or encouragement or something right off the bat.”

“It vexed my spirit to sit back and watch it,” she said, regarding LeAndria’s actions.

“I cannot wrap my head around God telling someone to give somebody a cigarette,” continued the blogger, wife and adoptive mother. “She says that she cusses, she drinks, but at the end of the day, when the Lord tells her to do something, she does it.”

Cora Jakes Coleman went on to say, “I feel like if we continue to condone sin and we continue to allow sin to be okay, that we will really lose the integrity of our church and it’s not good.”


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