Cover Girl: Lupita Nyong’o Covers October Issue of Vogue Talks Mentoring, Her Skin Tone and Yale


Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o is VOGUE’s newest cover girl and we must add this is her 2nd cover with Vogue!!!! #YouGoGirlMs.Lupita is dishing on mentoring , her skin tone and Yale:

On being discouraged to act in Kenya because of her skin tone: “It didn’t ring true.”lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-04_zpswlvxxoo8

On her Yale actor education: “Before, I was just going on instinct, but Yale taught me that it’s about giving yourself permission to pretend.”

On mentoring in her home of Nairobi:“I wanted to go back to Kenya with something to say.” lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-06_zpsa4l6mbvp

On America vs. Kenya: “I definitely feel there’s a lot of America in me.  The idea that you can be self-made is very vibrant in America. You can do anything that you want to do. That spirit pushes you on. But it took me leaving Kenya to really appreciate the glory of the place. Ultimately.  I will always be a child of Kenya.”lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-october-2015-01_zpswfbzmgxq





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