The Crown Season 2: Introduces Viewers To The Kennedy’s [WATCH]

The Crown Season 2: Introduces Viewers To The Kennedy's [WATCH]

The Crown

The Crown season 2 will introduce viewers to President John F. Kennedy,  but we can expect to see a different JFK.

The CrownPlayed by Michael C. Hall, we can expect to see a jealous, conniving JFK, who was a functioning addict.  We will also see him getting rough with his wife, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, played by Jodi Balfour.

Read below as Hall shares with Entertainment Weekly his thoughts on the series showing this other side of JFK.

You note the show took some risks. Kennedy seems like a jerk-y and abusive addict compared to how he’s normally portrayed. Did that give you any pause?

No. Not given what I know to have been true about him. His initial drug use was steroids to treat his autoimmune deficiency which resulted in a lot of bone deterioration, and then they put him on painkillers to manage that. But because of the sluggishness that [the painkillers] inevitably created, he turned to amphetamines to function. And obviously, you have to function at a pretty high level as a head of state. So, yeah, he was very much a functional addict — initially by necessity and then he was managing the side effects. I think he had his own Dr. Feelgood and that was part of the picture. And his relationship with women was certainly a well-kept secret back then, but at this particular moment is an interesting thing to examine and reveal.

Watch season 2 of The Crown when it starts streaming on Netflix, Friday Dec. 8th.


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